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    • mynewcourthome

      Comment on "Staying Put in a Burning Building"

      ...nded that the current alarm system is disabled and we operate, a stay put policy which we now have; alth...k assessment carried out.  The assessor also recommending a stay put policy and communication to b...


      • Phil Murphy

        Staying Put in a Burning Building

        ...vent of fire get out and stay out. If you remain in...ure are there to support staying put. A primary supporting element...of individuals in dwellings (staying put) deteriorates, it's likel...mum water supply that you can put through the riser become exha...

        • Phil Murphy

          District Heating Update

          District Heating users,   The rules for heat networks are in the process...he basis of our first response to the draft London Plan we have been invited to put further evidence in writing,...

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          • Phil Murphy

            A boxed in 6 inch pipe

            Concealed within a wood-panel constructed surround, this full height drain...ble environment to the room where the fire is, you probably can't see it or put water onto it if it's hid...


            • Phil Murphy

              Staying Put in a Burning Building

              In your place of work, in the hotels where your family take holidays, in the cinemas and venues where you are entertained and in your own home, the fire action plan is quite straight forward: in the event of fire get out and stay out. If you remain in a build...

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              • Phil Murphy

                Good and Bad Fire Stopping

                Examples of both.

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