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    • Phil Murphy

      Comment on "Staying Put in a Burning Building"

      I can't see the logic. It's very hard to say without looking at the build...I'd rather maintain the early warning provided by an alarm system to allow prompt evacuation fr...

      • mynewcourthome

        Comment on "Staying Put in a Burning Building"

        We have a good example here at present.  A conversion of 14 apartments (refurbe...had the wrong fire prevention strategy and recommended that the current alarm system is disabled and we operate,&n...



        • Phil Murphy

          Events worth noting in the next couple of weeks...

          This Saturday 1 Dec at noon is the Campaign Against Climate Change their energy supplier, huge profits for the Big Six... the energy system isn't working. Another energy system is possible! Get behind the F...

          • Phil Murphy

            District Heating Update

            District Heating users,   The rules for heat n...home truths from  residents actually using the systems - negative as well as positi...of any current or recent problems with your heating system, in terms of reliability, cos...

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            • Phil Murphy

              My landlord owes me five hundred quid

              Our landlord THT has a monopoly on our energy supply. Our communal heating system means we must buy heating and...09/28/trafford-housing-trust-install-faulty-heating-system-overcharge-double-for-years-t...