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    • Torus Housing Action Group

      #Socialhousing #UKhousing @RSHEngland #LeadTorus #directorlevel #HREX19 We would...£750m Torus are investing? Do Homes England give 60m to Housing associations with 750m to invest? @WTStds #Socialhousing #UKhousing @RSHEngland #LeadTorus...

      • Torus Housing Action Group

        Selling off Social housing.

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        • Phil Murphy

          SCIN Update

          ...We said, “For private housing, central government must cove...ue with local authorities and housing associations, through the GLA and wit...fety.”  The Social Housing Green Paper to which he refers doe...we see tenants and residents associations being routinely locked out of...

          • Phil Murphy

            Stigma, More Than A Label

            I wrote this after being invited to by Prof Sue Bright, for Oxford...ty's Faculty of Law blog, Housing After Grenfell: May told a meeting of housing association bosses at a Natio...e home environments of social housing resi...

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            • Phil Murphy

              Dispossession - the Great Social Housing Swindle

              I think this is a brilliant film, by Velvet Joy Productions. &nb...spossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle Trailer: http...14739731   In 2017 housing rose to the top of the Britis...a chronic shortage of social housing in the United Kingdom. &nb...

              • Phil Murphy

                Benefit to Society

                Common misrepresentations of social housing tenants in the local and national media often include inaccurate the public to have a typically negative stereotypical view of social housing tena...

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                • Phil Murphy

                  My landlord owes me five hundred quid

                  Our landlord THT has a monopoly on our energy supply. Our communal heating system means we must buy heating and ho...they owe us, collectively.


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                    Bad Housing

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