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        Landlords: Choosing a Fire Risk Assessor for Blocks of Flats, Who will You Trust?

        ...ords together to improve fire safety: woefully bad at managing fire safety. Landlords didn't in one of these blocks of flats your instructions are to escape if the fire alarm goes off. Whether it'...

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          Staying Put in a Burning Building

          ...ned and in your own home, the fire action plan is quite str...solutely crucial to firefighting operations. Water flo... technology in blocks of flats here too. If a landlo...y put when there's a fire. Least of all those people mos...

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            Fire Safety in Flats

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              How to check your fire doors

              A brief and simple guide. This check guide is only a brief visual check. To be fully sure that a fire door, as a set including the surrounding architrave etc, is entirely compliant it requires deeper intrusive checks that your landlord will have to initiate. An example of the kind of intr...

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