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        Comment on "Staying Put in a Burning Building"

        We have a good example here at present.  A conversion of 14 some outside.  Visiting fire officers raised concerns that we had the wrong fire prevention strategy and recom...isk.   Not the fault of the fire close off on actions before the Fire...

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          Comment on "Staying Put in a Burning Building"

          I can't see the logic. It's very hard to say without looking at the building but j...system to allow prompt evacuation from a building that will not inhibit the spread of fire...




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            When you upload an FRA please note:

   the repository using that information. T1, T2, T3 and T4 can be used to indicate the FRA Type (as listed in the LGA Guide to Fire Safety in Purpose Built Flats (pages 45-46)). It's...

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              Steve, Liz and David

              If you haven't already. please view this blog content:




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              Fire Safety in Flats

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                How to check your fire doors

                A brief and simple guide. This check guide is only a brief visual check. To be fully sure that a fire door, as a set including the surrounding architrave etc, is entirely compliant it requires deeper intrusive checks that your landlord will have to initiate. An example of the kind of intr...

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