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    Fire Safety in Flats

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      How to check your fire doors

      A brief and simple guide. This check guide is only a brief visual check. To be fully sure that a fire door, as a set including the surrounding architrave etc, is entirely compliant it requires deeper intrusive checks that your landlord will have to initiate. An example of the kind of intr...

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        Phil Murphy

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      • Fully Checking a Fire Door
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        Fully Checking a Fire Door

        By Phil Murphy
        A video I made when fire door improvements were being made in my block, illustrating why what is behind you architrave that you do not see, is as important as what you do see.
        • Phil Murphy

          Cladding - a national emergency

          The catastrophic fire at Grenfell Tower was both predictable and predicted. Survivors, from the tower and from the surrounding community have yet to be afforded the security and justice they need to begin to recover from their devastating losses. Meanwhile, the effects of the policies which led t...

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          • Phil Murphy

            Landlords: Choosing a Fire Risk Assessor for Blocks of Flats, Who will You Trust?

            (Edited to add: This one day workshop co-composed by me and Jane Eyles demonstrates simple but meaningful co-working; bringing tenants, residents and landlords together to improve fire safety:   Thanks to Ma...

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            • Phil Murphy

              Staying Put in a Burning Building

              In your place of work, in the hotels where your family take holidays, in the cinemas and venues where you are entertained and in your own home, the fire action plan is quite straight forward: in the event of fire get out and stay out. If you remain in a build...

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              • Phil Murphy

                On Feb 4th 2011 two women died following a fire on the 16th floor

                "We accept our failings under the fire safety regulations and take residents safety very seriously. We have been determined to learn lessons and invested heavily year on year to continually improve fire safety, and have made significant progress over the past five years" said a spokespe...

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                A collaborative group for all people affected by flammable cladding