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      Phil Murphy

      About:: ...hester. THT tower block tenant. Former soldier and former GMFRS firefighter, Tech I Fire E, Fire Safety Officer trained at Fire Ser...d in campaigning for safer housing, especially flats, since the fire at Grenfell Tower in June 2017.Issues of interest (stored as tags, separate, by, a comma): Fire safetyIssues of interest (stored as tags, separate, by, a comma): fire safetyIssues of interest (stored as tags, separate, by, a comma): fire safety in flats




      • Phil Murphy

        Landlords: Choosing a Fire Risk Assessor for Blocks of Flats, Who will You Trust?

        ...ords together to improve fire safety: staircase and am a former Fire Safety Officer with GMFRS, of ...fact woefully bad at managing fire safety. Landlords didn't want...n months after the horrendous fire at Grenfell Tower that saw a le...

        • Phil Murphy

          Staying Put in a Burning Building

          ...ned and in your own home, the fire action plan is quite str...forward: in the event of fire get out and stay it. The only place of real safety at that time is outside the...y put when there's a fire. Least of all those people most...

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            Fire Safety in Flats

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              How to check your fire doors

              A brief and simple guide. This check guide is only a brief visual check. To be fully sure that a fire door, as a set including the surrounding architrave etc, is entirely compliant it requires deeper intrusive checks that your landlord will have to initiate. An example of the kind of intr...

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