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    • Phil Murphy

      a small collection of pictures

      Showing some bad fire stopping, and some good fire stopping including intumescent collars and pillows.

      • Phil Murphy

        More boxing

        Further added fire loading on an escape route. Unless it is proven to be fire resistant board, erring on the side of caution due to the critical nature of means of escape, it is probably fair to assume that it's made of wood, chipboard or something similar.

        • Phil Murphy

          A boxed in 6 inch pipe

          ...level compartment barriers. A fire inside a boxed-in a void such...because: a) the possibility of a fire of this nature, in an &#...bsp;a particularly rapid spread of fire upwardly d) from a pr...4 FRA would establish whether fire stopping is in place and/or&n...

          • Admin

            How to check your fire doors

            ...This check guide is only a brief visual check. To be fully sure that a fire door, as a set including the...ample of the kind of intrusive check that can verify the compliance of a fire door, there's a video her...

            • Phil Murphy

              This Service Riser cavity runs like a chimney through the building

              ...ifty years old and not fit for purpose, it is a fire door and has smoke seals and...this and it has three hinges (a requirement for fire doors), you can reliably asse...ay lead to the spread of smoke, toxic gases and fire that are outside of the build...

              • Phil Murphy

                Boxed in pipes or ducting that look a bit different might mislead

                ...etrations that the moulding conceals, or the cavity within it where fire, smoke and hot gases can trav...#39;concealed barrier penetration' issue with colleagues in the fire safety sector. They are findi...

                • Phil Murphy

                  On the far side of that full height riser is the bathroom

                  ...ed their bathroom ceramics are likely to not have understood the need to fire stop any work. The likelihood...cessing the riser itself)gives rise to the problems associated with fires inside cavities. Only a...

                  • Phil Murphy

                    Still more boxing

           lights clearly visible. Again, it makes it difficult to check the fire stopping and to carry out annual servicing of vent duct fire dampers, where ducting goes t...

                    • Phil Murphy

                      Guide to Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor

                      As approved by CACFOA: