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    • Phil Murphy

      Phil Murphy

      About:: ...Manchester. THT tower block tenant. Former soldier and former GMFRS firefighter, Tech I Fire E, Fire Safety Officer traine...olved in campaigning for safer housing, especially flats, since the fire at Grenfell Tower in June 201...Issues of interest (stored as tags, separate, by, a comma): Fire safetyIssues of interest (stored as tags, separate, by, a comma): fire safetyIssues of interest (stored as tags, separate, by, a comma): fire safety in flats


      • mynewcourthome

        Comment on "Staying Put in a Burning Building"

        ...ain house some outside.  Visiting fire officers raised concerns that we had the wrong fire prevention strategy and recom...l risk.   Not the fault of the fire officers but the responsible...ace to close off on actions before the Fire officers risk team came...

        • Phil Murphy

          Comment on "Staying Put in a Burning Building"

          ...aintain the early warning provided by an alarm system to allow prompt evacuation from a building that will not inhibit the spread of fire and smoke as it should. &n...




          • Phil Murphy

            Staying Put in a Burning Building

            ...ned and in your own home, the fire action plan is quite str...forward: in the event of fire get out and stay out....sed to restrict the spread of fire and the products of...te of the deterioration, in a fire situation, of protective meas...

            • Phil Murphy

              On Feb 4th 2011 two women died following a fire on the 16th floor

              ...accept our failings under the fire safety regulations and take r...n year to continually improve fire safety, and have made signifi...court for not maintaining the fire doors and failing to review&n...d: Failure to review the fire risk assessment. (Article 9)...

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              • Phil Murphy

                When you upload an FRA please note:

                ...hen people search the repository using that information. T1, T2, T3 and T4 can be used to indicate the FRA Type (as listed in the LGA Guide to Fire Safety in Purpose Built Flats...

                • Phil Murphy

                  Steve, Liz and David

                  If you haven't already. please view this blog content:


                  • Phil Murphy

                    a small collection of pictures

                    Showing some bad fire stopping, and some good fire stopping including intumescent collars and pillows.

                    • Phil Murphy

                      More boxing

                      Further added fire loading on an escape route. Unless it is proven to be fire resistant board, erring on the side of caution due to the critical nature of means of escape, it is probably fair to assume that it's made of wood, chipboard or something similar.

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