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    • mynewcourthome

      Comment on "Staying Put in a Burning Building"

      We have a good example here at present.  A conversion of 14 some outside.  Visiting fire officers raised concerns that we had the wrong fire prevention strategy and recom...  Not the fault of the fire officers but the responsible...close off on actions before the Fire off...

      • Phil Murphy

        Comment on "Staying Put in a Burning Building"

        I can't see the logic. It's very hard to say without looking at the building but judging from what allow prompt evacuation from a building that will not inhibit the spread of fire and...




        • Phil Murphy

          Staying Put in a Burning Building

          In your place of work, in the hot...ned and in your own home, the fire action plan is quite str...forward: in the event of fire get out and stay out....sed to restrict the spread of fire and the products of...y put when there's a fire. Least of all those people most a...

          • Phil Murphy

            Landlords: Choosing a Fire Risk Assessor for Blocks of Flats, Who will You Trust?

            ...ape staircase and am a former Fire Safety Officer with GMFRS, that were in fact woefully bad at managing fire safety. Landlords didn'...n months after the horrendous fire at Grenfell Tower that saw a...ructions are to escape if the fire alarm goes off. Whether it...

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              When you upload an FRA please note:

              Kindly include the block name and the landlord, this is helpful when people search the repository using that info...T3 and T4 can be used to indicate the FRA Type (as listed in the LGA Guide to Fire Saf...

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