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District Heating users,
The rules for heat networks are in the process of being re-written, and we're currently replying to two government consultations about this, one from BEIS (central government's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy), and one from the GLA, in the form of the draft London Plan.  Together with residents from affected estates, we  have been  giving evidence to both BEIS and the GLA for some years now, on how things really work, and sometimes meeting them in person.  On the basis of our first response to the draft London Plan we have been invited to put further evidence in writing, and to attend an "examination" of the issues on 29 March.  
The problem with these consultation exercises is that they often hear a lot about how wonderful the heating is from the companies who are running the it, but they are not confronted with the reality of how they often work in practice.  They need to hear the home truths from  residents actually using the systems - negative as well as positive -  and they need to know that these truths will be out there in public and will affect their business plans!  So I'm writing to invite you to let us know of any current or recent problems with your heating system, in terms of reliability, cost, standing charges, compensation, overheating,customer service, billing, getting redress on problems, or leaseholders being asked to provide capital for expanding or improving their heat network.  The deadlines are very close - 25 Jan for the BEIS consultation, 29 Jan for the written submission to the GLA.  But if you can't get something to us by then, please do still write in.  There's still the GLA "examination in public" meeting on 29 March.  
The consultations themselves do not help to resolve your problems (although we do believe that having a presence with BEIS and the GLA has helped some estates in their long fights to win some improvements).   Giving evidence to them is more in aid of building long-term pressure to make heat networks better.  But in addition to the consultations, we are now looking to see what we can do to bring extra forces to bear on the problems on individual estates and help get these problems resolved.  So please get in touch!
If you want to reply to the BEIS consultation yourself, the link is here.  The London Plan one is a bit complicated to respond to, get in touch if you'd like to do that.  FPA's original comments to the London Plan are here (as well as on the GLA website); the stuff on housing comes first and then the stuff on district heating.   I'll send round our new submissions when they're done;  if you'd like to be involved earlier please let me know.
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